Permaculture plans & DIV manual

Permaculture planning 
& DIY manuals


To provide permaculture consultation, DIY landscaping plans and training, to assist in creating edible home gardens and resilient lifestyle blocks. This aim is for anyone looking to: grow as much food as possible, improve the health of themselves, their families and their land by learning new skills in self-sufficiency.

About me

Hi I’m Blake, Welcome to my offering. I’m excited to share with you my passion for building community resilience through growing our own food and connecting with nature. Over the last 10 years I have been studying, practising & teaching permaculture throughout Australia & internationally.
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Blake Hudson

Blake Hudson

Permaculture Consultant, Designer & Landscaper





The design process

Step 1 – Consultation

The design process

Step 2 – Site analysis

The design process

Step 3 – Concept design

The design process

Step 4 – Detailed Design

The design process

Step 5 – DIY manual

The design process

Step 7 – Visualisations

Design Examples.


Growing fruit and veggies in the tropics

Growing fruit and veggies in the tropics

Living in the tropics is great, I love it.  Hot wet summers and cool dry winters. The summer brings  an explosion of growth, in the heat and the wet, plants grow like mad. Well, tropical plants do. But what about all the vegetables we love to eat and are...

Tropical annual vegetable planting guide

Tropical annual vegetable planting guide

What vegetables do I plant and when? After years of research, trial and error of my own, I have created a go to list of the vegetable crops that thrive in the tropics, including when and how. Its a general guide for the humid tropics. I live in Kuranda, so it would...

Banana Circle

Banana Circle

Making a Banana circle mulch pit compost garden In the tropics, this is an ideal element to use and there should be one in every garden. Banana circles or ‘mulch pit gardens’ help create humus, provide water retention and build fertility on sandy or heavy clay soils....


My husband and I engaged Blake because we wanted to develop a permaculture system on our property but needed the intimate knowledge of the area and the expertise in permaculture design – we did not possess that. Blake has an immense wealth of knowledge that has saved us years of trial and error. We have an extremely detailed plan, amazing visuals and renderings that have us super excited about the potential of what we can do. Our initial intent was quite narrow in focus and Blake has enabled us to really understand what permaculture really is and what it means for us.


We found Blake to be very thoughtful and caring in their approach to us. The design for our garden went far beyond our expectation. Their knowledge of plants in relation to their surroundings and nature was insightful. The in depth detail of the garden design showed a creative and well thought out plan. We feel that Blake connects us to family orientated values, good will, sincerity and great care and attention. We felt looked after and trust in their professionalism to making sure everything is taken care of. We highly recommend their services.


What a great process of supported learning and understanding as we invested in developing our garden with Blake. What the team can put into place in a matter of weeks would have taken us 20 years to do. They seem to be able to think of everything and covered most bases. I have loved the positive considerate, respectful and diligent energy brought into play as we resolved the garden problems that concerned us. My dream was to create a permaculture asset to add value to our bush block – we could not have done this anywhere near as efficiently and effectively without him. Soooooo grateful for your wonderful work that could change the world we live in. 


Plant and book stall at Koah Monthly Markets! First Saturday of the month!
Grab a copy of my new ebook: Tropical food plants on my website.

It’s a pleasure to share with @loving_earth_mumma and her book the incredible edible tropical superfoods!

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Swale cross section

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A recent animation I created for an regenerative earthworks and #bunyippump company. More to be revealed soon! an exciting project to say the least.

The landscape modelling was done with vectorworks and the realistic renders with Twinmotion.

Do you have a idea that needs realistic visualisations?

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It’s surprising what you can grow in the rainforest. Here is cacao tree and catch the pod that I grew. Just need a few more and I’ll make some chocolate!

If you need a hand growing some food at home, let me know!

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Need an accurate and up to date map of your property? I can help.

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My favourite veg! CHOKO!!
Have you had yours recently?

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Garden beds freshly dug and fertilised. Ready for mulch and plants now!

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Things are getting wild in the garden. Wild and abundant. Loving the summer in the tropics. The pineapples are ready!
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What a harvest! These little farmers will never go hungry! It’s so good to get the kids involved in a bit of gardening, it’s never easy to be honest. But when they do it’s always so much fun, especially When there is something yummy to pull out of the earth! Winning 🤩🌿🍠🍠🍠🍠 ...

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Getting amongst the tropical wet season! Harvesting the Abundance of bananas and passion fruits! ...

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This Sunday come and share the fun doing all things banana! Growing, harvesting, eating, crafting and healing with banana with Koa Windsong and I’ll showcase some cultivation methods 🎉🧡 🍌 ...

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Here my rocket bath I created. I got the fire on and the water is heating up nicely. No need for gas tonight!

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Rollinia Deliciosa.
Like custard apple but not as sweet. The kids eat it so it must be good! It’s my favourite anyhow!!
It a large tree and semi deciduous. I have plants in the nursery if you want any 🍈🤤

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Worm castings tea brewer!
Just a hand full of worm castings and water then mixed and left to aerate for 24hrs. A simple Potent liquid fertiliser! The aerator helps to populate the beneficial microbes into the water.

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