Permaculture Consultation

Permaculture Consultation

Permaculture Consultation

What is a permaculture consultation?

This is your personal garden exploration and discovery tour! During the 2-3 hour consultation we explore your garden taking purposeful drone footage and discussing your grand vision. We then go through all the issues and problematic areas, nutting out the most effective solutions for you. Then we sit down together and draw up a digital design directly onto the topographic images from our drone photos. From here we document the main points of action directly onto your property photo. I apply the permaculture design methods such as sector analysis and zoning principles to come up with an overlay of the optimum use of your space. We look at the energy flow on and off the property. Working with elements such as the wind, rain and sun directions we make sure every element is in the optimum position to make best use of your personal ecosystem. We then work together to sketch out a basic action plan which you will receive at the end of the day. If needed we can discuss any further landscape design services. Below is the full list of what is included in the Permaculture Consultation.

Who is this for?

For people with residential properties who want to grow organic food in their home gardens, through to people with acreage who want to maximise the potential of their land. 

Above is an sketch produced at the end of a consultation.

What’s included:

2-3 hour on-site walk and talk*

Incredible Edibles Tropical Plant Guide eBook worth $12

Drone topography providing an up to date basemap of your landscape**

1m Contour overlay onto the basemap***

Hand drawn ideas & concepts over your basemap

Solar path overlays mapping how much light certain areas of your garden will get

General gardening advice and optimizing garden locations

Basic soil PH testing and structure discovery

Expert advice on what plants to grow when and where

Solutions for any existing issues

Advice on how to combat plant pests and diseases

A look at the existing landscape, flora and fauna and the strategies to work best with them

Observe the land and advice for water harvesting for swales, dams, ponds & aquaculture

* Additional time will be charged at $85p/hr. This may be needed on large properties but is rarely required.
** For large land area additional fees apply to create landscape imagery.
*** If contour data is available for free in your area this can be included in the consultation otherwise additional fees apply to generate contours plan from drone photogrammetry.

Free travel between Cairns CBD and Mareeba is included. However if you live close to Atherton, Malanda, Port Douglas, Yungaburra, or Julatten there is a flat travel fee of $60. Further distance such as Innisfail, Mena Creek, Mission beach, Tully travel is $85. Anywhere outside these areas, QLD interstate travel is charged at 7 cents per kilometre return. Interstate and International travel can be discussed. Alternatively we could do the consultation virtually.  

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