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Hi I’m Blake, Welcome to my offering. I’m excited to share with you my passion for building community resilience through growing our own food and connecting with nature. Over the last 10 years I have been studying, practising & teaching permaculture throughout Australia & internationally. Over this time I have constantly continued to learn about all aspects of regenerative land practices including broad acre regenerative farming, biodynamics, syntropics, market gardening, bio-intensive & nutrient-dense gardening. I am particularly drawn to edible & functional perennial plants. I enjoy growing, harvesting & cooking with them. I also have a deep fondness of the patterns in nature and how we can apply these patterns throughout our lives.  I particularly enjoy Permaculture design as it’s about working with nature, reading the landscape and seeking the harmony and relationship we have with it. Through applying permaculture principles and regenerative land practices. I offer landscape designs, estimates and DIY manuals. This process provides you with a blueprint, along with the confidence to create your own beautiful, edible landscapes that will feed and nurture your family, most certainly bringing immense joy into your life.

You may also catch me VJing at festivals, projection mapping stage facades. I bring murals to life with projected animations. Matching the visuals to the music, event theme and environment while sharing messages of our earth connection and spirituality. Here are some examples on my youtube channel.

If there is something in particular you would like to contact me about please send me a message below:

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Blake Hudson

Blake Hudson

Permaculture Consultant & Digital Media Artist

ph: 0448 938 270